Testimony – My Turning Point

This is one of the many testimonies of our residents who escaped a toxic marriage:

July 21st 2000 was a turning point in my life. This was the day I left my husband and began a new life for myself and my children. I did not have a vehicle or a place to live. I did have a part time job at the Smyrna Police Department in Georgia. I suppose I should have turned to God those few weeks, but I didn’t. I was miserable and depressed. By the time I was able to afford a used vehicle, I lost nearly 30 pounds from not eating and walking everywhere I needed to go. It was the kindness of strangers and God who helped me through this time. Unfortunately, I did not realize it at the time, and again I did not thank God for what He had done for me. In my head, I did it all by myself.

But before too long, my sister and her daughter came to stay with us and I had two more mouths to feed. Then other sister and her five kids were also staying with us in the same small, two-bedroom apartment, and there was no way I could do it all by myself anymore. That was when I called Carol and she said she had a place for all of us at Cobb Street Ministries. We packed everything up and moved into the shelter. Carol took us to Roswell Street Baptist Church. I remember sitting in the pews and listening to the sermon, and taking in every word. I wish I could describe in words how I felt at that moment, but I cannot. I walked up to the altar and gave my heart to Jesus. I was saved!

I realized that God had never left me. He was there all the time. He carried me through all the hard times so I did not have to do it alone. Carol was such a blessing. To this day, I cherish her and all that she does for everyone. I was truly blessed the day I met her. If it weren’t for God and friends like Carol, I do not know where we would be today. I do not know how anyone can think they can do anything on their own without God in our daily lives.

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