Cobb Street Ministries offers long-term housing, life skills development, job and housing search services, and spiritual guidance to Cobb County citizens in need.

Many of our residents are women escaping abusive homes, or mothers and children with no means of support. Others arrive due to struggles with addiction. Sadly, some are dropped at our door by family members unable or unwilling to cope with daughters with unplanned pregnancies or other issues.

Our program is rigorous, but fair. For those with a strong desire for a better life complete the program and leave CSM with life skills for success, jobs, and often times, houses or apartments they can call home.

We have been providing services to women and children since 1973.

How We Began

Mrs. Carol and her husband, Cobb County Commissioner, Harvey Paschal, had a vision to share the love of Jesus with those who need Him the most. They answered a call to help those, mostly women and children, in need of shelter, food, and skills for self-sufficiency. They decided to start a mission and agreed upon a three-year commitment.

Initially Cobb Street Ministries was run from their private home, taking in homeless mothers and children, as well as expecting mothers. That was more than forty years ago, and the mission continues today!

Board of Directors

Adam Payne, Paulding County Fire

Michelle Kellett, Remax Realty

Carol Paschal, Founder of Cobb Street Ministries

Mitch Kellett, Seminary

Tim Miller, T and J Electrical

Dennis Bridges, Dennis Bridges Accounting

Tony Pattie, RSBC Deacon

Robert Morrison, Federal Government (now retired)


Our Residents

The residents, by far, are the intergral part of our program. The environment is supportive and faith-based. Our residents, through God, are brought together through His will and are not only given a safe place to lay their heads, but they are given the necessary tools needed for a better and more fulfilled life.

The many residents who have passed through the doors of Cobb Street Ministries over the years may have all had different stories with varying hardships, but God, through the Paschals, and CSM’s numerous volunteers, have helped heal the hearts and souls of those in need.

When you need, God knows.

When you ask, God listens.

When you believe, God works.

Hundreds have passed through their doors. Each one has received not only love and compassion, but structure and instruction. All of these elements together have successfully catapulted many of these folks back into society, prepared to succeed.

Contact CSM by email through our contact page, or with the information below:

Mobile: 770-833-9564
Office – 770-439-9280
Mailing address: 1750 Powder Springs Rd, Suite 190, PMB 378, Marietta, GA 30064